John Gisis

John's journey from a career at UPS to retirement on a golf course, where he discovered his passion for capturing the beauty of nature through drone photography, is truly inspiring. His story reflects the power of embracing new hobbies and finding fulfillment in creative pursuits later in life.

His transition from simply appreciating the beauty around him to actively seeking to share it with others demonstrates the transformative potential of personal interests. By obtaining his Part 107 Drone Pilot's License and pursuing photography commercially, John has turned his passion into a profession, showcasing his talent and unique perspective to a wider audience.

His dedication to learning and developing his skills from scratch is commendable, and it's evident that his genuine appreciation for nature shines through in his captivating images. The fact that he now offers his work for sale on his Fine Art America page is a testament to the value and quality of his photography.

With over 1000 images available for browsing and purchase, John's Fine Art America page offers a diverse selection of his stunning drone captures, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world through his lens. Additionally, his availability for personal and commercial projects speaks to his commitment to sharing his passion with others and collaborating on meaningful creative endeavors.

For those interested in experiencing John's breathtaking photography or engaging his services for a project, his Fine Art America page provides easy access to his portfolio and contact information. Whether it's capturing the serene beauty of a sunrise or collaborating on a commercial venture, John's talent and dedication make him a valuable asset to anyone seeking to capture the essence of nature through photography.